Quite Suppressed Yet Quite Revealing: Wednesday, January 30

back in the late 1990s, MTV did a cover band competition. there was a band on there called Strangers With Candy who did a rollicking cover of "Take On Me" by A-Ha, and they won the competition. i watched, and thought it was a shame that they weren't putting out original songs.

a few years later, they did put out original songs. they renamed themselves Lifer, and in 2001 released their self-titled album. seven years later, i'm still addicted to their song "Swallow." the tune is low, thick, and atmospheric. the lyrics...well, it took me a few years to figure them out, but they're a bit on the naughty side. the song is blatantly about a carnal need for sexual release.

this song wasn't a single off the album, and no one has made a video for it. [well, on YouTube, anyway...i'm sure i may have had some luck on PornoTube, but i'm trying to keep supergig PG-13.] i'm sure you can provide your own visuals mentally, though...just listen to "Swallow" by Lifer.

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